Sacred Heart  was only the fourth parish founded in the city of Los Angeles. A small committee raised enough funds to buy two lots on Sichel Street and Baldwin Avenue. Father Patrick Harnett was pastor. In 1890 the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose opened the school. The church was completely decorated by 1904 with massive towe, spire and stained glass windows. During World War II Father Timothy Galvin served followed by Father John Curran who was pastor until his retirement in 1973. The church faced enormous repair costs in 1989 resulting from years of earthquake damage. Many vocations were fostered from the parish including Bishop Alden Bell of Sacramento, Monsignor Anthonly Brouwers (founder of the Lay Mission Helpers), Archbishop Robert Lucey, Bishop Joseph Sartoris and Father Tobias, Gilbert and Juan Romero. From August 28, 1994 Fr. George E. Horan has been in Residence. As of July 1, 2008 Fr. Tesfaldet Asghedom is the current Pastor.

On June 24, 2012, Sacred Heart Church celebrated its 125th anniversary. The story of this church and its continuing mission of faith, to bring people closer to God’s Kingdom, will go on indefinitely. Many books could be written telling in more fullness and detail the history of Sacred Heart Church, so the above account is but a collection of highlights in this church’s history. Not all the names and events that have made the history of this church have been included, but hopefully what has been written will give the reader a feel for what this church has been through in the past.

Thank you to all of our generous parishioners and a very kind and generous large donation from Mr. Joe Perricone, as of September 2014 we were able to carry through the completion of the Air Conditioning in the Church. Thank you also to Fr. Kerry Beaulieu, Pastor of Our Lady Queen of Angels Church Diocese of Orange for securing the generous donation from Mr. Perricone.

A detailed history of Sacred Heart Parish can be found in the following documents.  Please click on either the English or Spanish link.